The Five Slices of the Protection Industry

Who are the new protectors?

The one size fits all doesn’t quite work in the protection industry anymore.  New risks and ways to think about them have forged slices of the business and while the basic job remains the same a need to define these sectors is beneficial:


Luminaries require protective personnel that understand how to manage (aside from their core duty) both paparazzi and publicists.  Dealing with studios and stalkers are imperative to a group who are masters of the “Five minute Advance.”


High Net-Worth

A new rise of super-wealth instituted a need for a fresh focus on managing protective packages around old and new money figures, their estates and families.  Social Media makes confidentiality hard as activist post public information that used to be harder to obtain.


 Protective Security Detail (PSD)

Managing security aspects in high threat environments is the focus of agents whose martial, tactical and planning skills are on par with many military units.  Don’t call them mercenaries as they are both professional and skilled.


 Executive/Corporate Protection

While casting a protective net around the C-Suite, an acumen for the corporation’s values and mission is required as an EPU balances and facilitates an executive and/or executives’ safety net.


 Law Enforcement/Government

The rule of law sometimes requires individuals receive protection, whether they wish it or not.  Providing security for officials and mandated individuals is a specialty area for many government and policing officers.


 The Executive Protection industry continues to be very forward leaning and innovative, making it a very exciting piece of the overall industry.  Looking at these areas just serves to remind us how versatile a modern EP agent needs to be.

About Chuck Randolph

Security Leader and Strategic Thinker. I'm focused on driving new ideas and keeping positive momentum in the industry out there. I'm a world traveler and adventurer. Join in and keep the conversation going.

7 responses to “The Five Slices of the Protection Industry”

  1. David Nicastro says :

    Excellent assessment of today’s EP world!

  2. says :

    Chuck, Awesome, I will forward this to a young lad trying to get into the Protection Industry – his business ideas aren’t focused but your article will help him think about it a little more carefully. V/R,Rachel

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  3. Donna Gunbettie Angevine says :

    Intelligent and concise article. A book with each of these “five slices” as a title might be a welcome value to the private security industry.

  4. joestealthmode says :

    One of these things is not like the other. In my experience, only one of the categories use the regular paper, as opposed to the specially-printed paper. 😉

  5. Malcolm F . cheshire says :

    … why is EP ( … or Close Protection , as we English prefer to call it ) described in the article as an ` industry ` ; and , not a ` Profession ` ?

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