Security As A 4G Environment

For many years security operated in a 3G environment. This concept of ‘Guns, Gates and Guards’ were the three legs of the chair on which physical security sat. Perched and monitoring for nefarious activity, practitioners surveyed the landscape with a keen eye on all they could see or physically interact with. This traditional model was best suited to an operational schema that focused on managing threats that manifested themselves in “traditional” fashions; threats existing in a physical space could be comprehended and interacted with accordingly. Subsequently, Security Intelligence reporting was focused on traveler threat briefs, kidnap, crime statistics and extremist activities.

In the periphery, the concept of what we now call “cyber-security” was evolving and growing in both risk, response and relevance. Hackers and IT-based attacks, while present, were generally less prevalent and sequestered to the inside pages of the newspaper. In 2007 the world watched as Estonian financial and government sectors were ravaged by a cyber-onslaught which was deemed to be the work of Russian hackers. Subsequently, MacAfee, the computer security firm, indicates there was new malware introduced every 15 minutes in the year 2010. By 2013, new bots, bugs, rootkits, spyware, Trojan horses, etc., were being introduced every second. Growing parallel to this threat vector was an exponential increase in available data and information made possible by the spread of access to the internet and migration into the cloud. This shift has been both an intensely exciting and frightening time for individuals, corporations and nation states.

Corporate Security organizations are evolving, too. Recognizing that each threat is no longer exclusive, IT and physical security sectors are aligning, intersecting and interacting in a 4G world; ‘Guns, Gates, Guards AND Gigabytes.’ Security Intelligence monitoring and reporting has also matured in the 4G environment. Insider threats, phishing and hacktivism now share the same rail of reporting that was traditionally held by geopolitics, transnational crime and terrorism.

Companies abilities to track, monitor and mitigate threats will also continue. Efforts within information tracking continue in fusion as we open news seats at the sharing table in order to do our part to keep people, facilities and intellectual property safe within this ever growing reality.

What will the 5G environment resemble? Only William Gibson knows:

We have no future because our present is too volatile. We have only risk management. The spinning of the given moment’s scenarios. Pattern recognition.”

~ William Gibson


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One response to “Security As A 4G Environment”

  1. Dave Nicastro says :

    Great point Chuck on the importance and convergence of cyber threats and IT security with the physical realm. Thank you for sharing your insights…

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