A trio of thoughts for today’s leader

The other day I was able to grab some time to sit and, well, think.  Opting for some “Chinese Fast Food,” I found a corner table, enjoyed my meal and made some notes. You see, the day before I had spent some time talking to a few people about leadership challenges and wanted to synthesize some things rattling around my mind.  As a result of green tea and orange chicken, here are three ideas around leadership abilities for better team dynamics:


While there are many priorities to track, we can only really work on one thing at a time (science is with me on this one, folks).  Life outside of work comes with us when we get to the office (and vice versa).  Take time to work on… work.  Set an alarm, shut your mail off and turn your text functions off (yeah, I said those things). Put time on your schedule to focus on [task X]. Even 45 minutes of dialing it in on a long term project will bring great rewards and clear up your strategic objectives. Encourage, mentor and counsel those your responsible for to do the same. Trust me…. If there is a problem….someone WILL call.


Show up and make the rounds.  See people and listen to them.  Not just about the game or the news, either. While those are important subjects, ask your people what they are working on, ask them if they need anything and (most importantly) ask them how you can support them.  Notice I didn’t say “ask what their problems areask questions that spark thought and let them tell you what they are thinking.  As a leader (and by default) your part of the solution or the problem ~ depending on the day.  To the troops, strive to be seen as a positive force.


Use space and time to ask “who else should be involved, needs to know, etc.”  Reach out and help solve problems at the appropriate level.  Sometimes what is required is to put some people in a room and facilitate a conversation-for-solution.  I’m not sure what is worse; not having the sense enough to know when there is a problem or knowing there is a problem and saying “it’s not my issue.” Your team will watch the smallest things you do and react off of that.  Ensure you’re setting the tone.

There you go, three short ideas to help concentrate your leadership abilities, set a proper tone and help your team achieve higher success.

What are your ideas and what do you do, outside of a detail, to hone your team and your own leadership abilities?

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