Three Ideas To Help Change Your Paradigm

Feeling a little stuck?  Need a little motivation?  Great, here are three thoughts and ideas to help you move yourself (and your strategy) forward.

Take Time and Make a Plan

Where are you?  Where do you want to go?  How will you get there?  We often think about the first two questions but I’m betting life keeps us so busy that there is rarely time for the third.  In talking to practitioners, I often hear what they are doing and what they want to do, but when asked “Okay, tell me about your plan to get there,” I’ll hear the proverbial [insert cricket noise here].

Finding some moments for personal “white noise” to consider and make a plan will pay off.  The plan doesn’t need to be bold either.  Try looking at yourself and career as a set of experiments (some call them hacks) you could do in order to move your vision forward (you have a vision, right?!?!?!? J ).

IDEA 1 – Once you have thought about it… write it down and then IMMEDIATELY list three items you could do to create some new internal patterns.

 Expand beyond your network

Take some time to expand your current circle.  Sure, you will see your comrades and the usual suspects.  But take a moment, consult your plan and expand your group.  Often, it isn’t the primary sources but, rather, those second and third tier of acquaintances that bring new energy, ideas and opportunities.

IDEA 2 – Throw yourself out there and enter into a new arena of potential contacts and clients.

 Open your mind

There are a lot of new techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs) out there.  Our industry is constantly upgrading itself and taking lessons learned from our collective experiences and ever changing technological advances.  Don’t settle for “what we have always done.”  By opening yourself to new ideas, you’re opening yourself to new opportunities, as well.  As excited practitioners, we often are keen to tell “our experience” and while I would never discourage anyone from “joining the conversation” the challenge is to listen first and then contribute.  Conditioning yourself to do this will have many exemplary second and third order of effects for you.

IDEA 3 – Next time you’re in a learning situation, try a pattern which makes you listen, think, ask and then comment with your experience.

Three simple ideas; all have helped me (many times) in my career and life.  In fact, selfishly I wrote them as much a reminder to my own person as to anyone else.  Good luck and stay frosty.

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Security Leader and Strategic Thinker. I'm focused on driving new ideas and keeping positive momentum in the industry out there. I'm a world traveler and adventurer. Join in and keep the conversation going.

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