Teamwork as the “Open Book Quiz”

Many professionals and high performance achievers (especially in the executive protection and security industry) share a similar value: commitment. This very important (and often forgotten) trait helps us focus, drive and achieve goals: like (for example) a close protection detail.

If you’re an independent contractor (IC) it means doing your part, making sure your keeping watch on your portion of the detail, turning in your advance work, doing your follow through, etc. However, on full time teams (or ones who work together often) the rhythm is a little different.  Sure, you have to do all those things the IC performs, but you also have something additional; a group that works together… consistently.  Which means the supporting structure is larger than we (many times) realize, as is the responsibility to the team, outside of the detail.lambda

With this in mind, it strikes me that team work is an open book/collective quiz.  Extremely cool… but we need to remember it is such and always ask the following questions of ourselves:

1.       If taking the quiz ~ Can I ask anyone to help me with the problems or help in organizing the [test] to save time? 

2.       If supporting someone taking a quiz ~ Can I help them with any of the problems or assist in organizing the [test] to help save time?   

Side note: Ask these questions early on as opposed to three minutes before it’s due for best results!!! 

This idea of the open book test is harder to use and manage than is realized.  Why?  Because we are all committed to excellence.  “I’ve got this” is common language to a group of hard charging warriors, whereas, “I need some help” makes us feel like we are failing.  In truth, however, it is a sign of maturity, trust and deeper dedication to a higher level of performance and to the esprit de corps of our group.

This idea of asking for assistance or offering it up (again early on) is an important additional element to our commitment value, not only for ourselves, but for our team.  Once we accept this, the challenge is now trying to manage our own egos to not only ask for help, when needed…. But also, to meaningfully offer it up.

What “test” do you have?  Can I help?  Would you ask?

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